Seminar's Past PPT's

Hyderabad AGM held on 17th & 18th March 2023

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Preservation of Quality and Resource Recovery Through Improved Lactic Acid Fermentation During Bagasse StorageDr. S. Chinnaraj, Tamilnadu news print Ltd, Kagithapuram
Statistical Validation of Makeup water Requirement in A Recycled Fibre Based Kraft Paper Mill Operating on Zero Liquid DischargeMohd Salim, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Saharanpur
Energy Demand and Carbon Footprint of Bleaching Chemicals.Alexis Metais, Xylem, France
GREEN MANUFACTURING IN BAGASSE Pulping in Paper PlantDr T.G. Sundara Raman, EnERG TEkH, Coimbatore
Controlling Odour Problem in Kraft Paper Industry (Innovative Wastewater Treatment and Monitoring Solutions).B Chandrashekhar, Catalysts Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad,
Hydrogen peroxide - a quick solution to rectify foul conditions in activated sludge processKishore Chandra Choudhury, Freelance Consultant, Hyderabad
Decarbonization In The Indian Pulp & Paper IndustryDinesh Ghai, Confederation of Indian Industry, CII
Tackling Water Contaminations By Cl02 TechnologyTapan Rai, Ion Exchange, New Delhi
Green, biobased solutions for Paper IndustryDr. Manish V. Petkar, Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
A Green Approach For Reduction in Bleach Chemicals Consumption by Removing Hexenuronic Acid Using Xylanase Enzymes in Pulp Bleaching Process.Dr. Avdhesh Kumar Gangwar, Nnoweta Performance Chemicals Pvt Ltd., Nagpur
Heat Recovery From Pulp Mill Effluent And Air Compressor System.Abdul Anief, Bank Note Paper Mill India Pvt. Ltd.
Production of Packaging Material Using Recycled Fibers and Unbleached Subabul Sapwood Pulp Through NanotechnologyPallavi Gulipalli, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

Vapi Seminar held on 17th & 18th November 2022

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Energy-Saving Opportunities In Pulp And Paper MillsVaibhav Girdhar, Confederation of Indian Industry, CII
Circular Economy for Resource Conservation, GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration Chinnaraj S, Tamil Nādu Newsprint and Paper Ltd
Energy Conservation, Cost Reduction & Developing Alternate Source of Energy in Pulp & Paper SectorM Gobalakaruppaiah, Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited, Erode
Evaluation Study of Lignin Obtained from Pulp and Paper Industries in Rubber Compounds Dr A. K. Dixit, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute & Dr Bharat Kapgate, Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association

An innovative approach to prevent industrial pollution in P&P industries - Anaerobic Digestion
Dr. Anil Kumar Naithani, Shreyans Industries Ltd. (Unit Shreyans)
Application of Alternate Energy through Generation , Purification & Utilization of Biogas from Pulp & Paper Mill EffluentDr. Nitin Endlay, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Paper Industries Effluent to CBG / BIOCNG For Higher Profitability & Decarbonization of The Paper IndustryK. R. Raghunath, KIS Group (Knowledge Integration Services India Pvt. Ltd.)
Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Paper Mills To Achieve Optimization And SustainabilityShraddha Chaudhary, Haber
Energy Efficiency Consideration in Vacuum Pumps UpgradationM.Phani Kumar, ITC Limited, Bhadrachalam
Alternate Energy Generating Opportunities in Pulp and Paper MillsDr A. K. Dixit, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Energy and water conservation in paper industry with polyamine-based boiler feed water treatment Ramanathan T , Elof Hansson India Pvt. Ltd.,
Energy Saving Through Intelligent Sootblowing: A Case StudySamir Patil, Clyde Industries India Private Limited

Saharanpur Workshop held on 25th to 27th July 2022

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A Chemical Free and biodegradable Cooking Enhancement program for efficient cooking and mercaptans reductionDr. Manish V. Petkar,ProKlean Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
Efficient & sustainable Agro pulping processSenthil V, Valmet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
ENERGY CONSUMPTIONB KARTHIK, Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited
Benchmarking of Pulping, Bleaching and Recovery Operations (Wood & Agro Based Mills)
Pakka Skills (Yash Pakka Limited),
Energy Efficient Recovery Boilers
- An Overview
PS Ravishangar, Valmet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Case study on “ Ozone bleaching “Katuri Joseph , ITC PSPD
Enhancing the pulp quality by optimization of pH of Chlorine Dioxide solution at the D-stage of bleaching process
S.Bagul. Orient Paper Mills ,
Cost reduction and quality improvement by optimizing cooking and bleaching sequenceYOGENDRA VARSHNEY, Sr. Vice President
Benchmarking of Pulping, Bleaching and Recovery OperationsAdam Melton,
BTG Instruments, A Voith Company
Shuank Malik, Senior Project Fellow Cellulose & Paper Discipline FRI
Effects of non process elements and dead load in the chemical recovery operationDr. A. K. Dixit, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute

Effect of Process Variables on Pulp Yield of Indigenous Raw MaterialsDr.Priti Shivhare Lal,Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute

Process improvement in Agro pulping for enhanced productivity- Case studiesParmanad Sharma, Naini Papers Ltd
Best Operating Practices
(System Improvement)
Sandeep Kumar & Arjit Kumar, BGPPL
Impact of Black Liquor Properties on Chemical Recovery EfficiencyDr. A. K. Dixit, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute

Experiences of Non-Condensible Gases Handling System of Andhra Paper Limited Santanu Mishra, Andhra Paper Limited
STATE OF ART VERTICAL LIME KILNSuraj Kumar, Henchmen Engineering

Delhi AGM & Seminar held on 25th & 26th March 2022

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Branding 2.0: From an Idea to a LegacyTanvi Bhatt, Branding Expert
Best Practices in the field of HR
Debi Prasad Roy, ITC Paper Ltd, Unit Tribeni
Artificial Intelligence in the Pulp and Paper IndustryTajinder bir singh chahal, HABER
Stepping Stones “ITC PSPD’s Transforming Practices” in 2 Decades of Excellence JourneyK Rambabu, Chandra Sekar E,ITC Limited, Unit Bhadrachalam
Best Practices in the field of manufacturingD RADHAKRISHNAN, SPB, Unit Erode.
Simplifying process in pulping and coarse cleening processGoran Antila, PrPulping Oy
Energy Analysis of Multiple Effect Evaporator in an Indian Pulp & Paper IndustryDr. Om Prakash Verma( Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar), Dr. Surendra Pratap Singh (PAPRI, rayagada, Odisha)
Building a brand in commoditized industryDebashish Ganguly (J.K.Paper Ltd)
A Natural, Ecofriendly, & Sustainable Approach towards Odor Control in the Recycled Kraft Pulp & Paper IndustryDr. Manish V. Petkar , Dr. S. Sivaramakrishna Pillai,ProKlean Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Stickies & Odour Control in Paper makingShiva Sharma, Anmol Polymers Pvt Ltd
Best Manufacturing Practices for Barrier Coatings with Eco-Friendly MaterialsM.G.Panth,
Maxim Specialty Chemicals
A New Horizon of Utilization of Bamboo for Production of food packaging Pulp, Paper and BoardDr. Priti S Lal, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Addressing safety concerns for producing high quality food packaging papersAnuradha V. Janbade, Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Environment Conservation in Paper IndustryAbdul Anief , Bank Note Paper Mill India Pvt. Ltd.,
Magnetic Bearing Technology - A clean and green practice within turbocompressorSanjeev Yadav,Sulzer pumps India Pvt. Ltd
MEPA -an Innovative way for ESP upgrade for Cleaner Environment in Pulp & Paper PlantsRjesh Verma,Enviropol Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Rajahmundry Workshop cum Seminar held on 8th & 9th November, 2019

Goa Workshop cum Zonal Seminar held on 19th & 20th July, 2019

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Advancement Digitization in Cooling Water Treatment to have Informed Decision Making & Avoiding Microbiological Fouling to Improve the Asset Life and Quality in Reverse Osmosis MembranesJ. Anand, Nalco Water
Artificial Intelligence for Wet End OptimisationVipin Raghvan, Haber
Controlling Microbiological Growth and Foul Odors in Pulp & Paper IndustryEzwar Roezzman, Amazon Papyrus Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Development of More Sustainable Barrier Technology for PackagingLarry Hutchinson, Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.
[email protected] - Cost Saving through Innovative ProductKarlheinz Hurst, Omya India Pvt. Ltd.
Global Trends Effecting the Design of Retention Aid ProgramsLarry Hutchinson, Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.
Handling Mineral Deposits in Pulp Bleaching & RecoveryDr. Rekha Bharati, Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.
Innovative Solution to Address Cracking Problem In Kraft PaperM.G.Panth, Maxim Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Production, Brightness and Environmental Dynamics in Modern Pulp MakingRavi Kumar, Amazon Papyrus Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Recent Trends & Industry Challenges in Coated Paper & Board MarketDr. Nadaraja Subramaniam, BASF South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
Strength, Odour and Hygiene – In the Face of Increased Re-use of Fibre & WaterDr. Douglas Scott McLean, Nalco Water
Wastewater & Waste Disposal Management Solution through Innovative Solutions like Sludge Pre-Treatment, TSS control by loT and Polymer Mixing Technology to Improve Drynes of SludgeManoj Kumar Bhaduri, Nalco Water
Water Based Coating Solutions; A Sustainable Alternate to PlasticShailesh Nema, Michelman

Ahmedabad Annual Seminar held on 8th & 9th March, 2019

Hyderabad Zonal Seminar held on 23rd & 24th November, 2018

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Advanced analytics improve mill performance and reliabilityRamesh Chandra, Valmet Group
Advanced Analytics for Optimization of stage-wise Brightness gain in Kraft Pulp BleachingK.Sriapathi, ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Bhadrachalam
Business Process Automation for Process, Productivity, Quality & Marketing Optimization at TNPL Board Machine Finishing HouseS. Nandagopal, TNPL
CentreLine & Golden RunNiranjan Rao, Honeywell Process Solutions
Collection and Incineration of NCG With AutomationT.H. Prasad, International Paper APPM Ltd.
Continuous Improvements In Paper Manufacturing Automation at TNPLR. Rajalingam, TNPL
Digital Transformation in The Industrial SectorAnil Dutt, Yokogawa India Limited
Inception of In-House Automation – A march towards Industry 4.0Srikanth Ganala, ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Bollaram
Innovation in Mill Automation at WCPM,DandeliS.K. Mundra, The West Coast Paper Mills
Innovative technology “OxiproTM, Paper machine press felt effluent Monitor and 3DT TrasarTM for DAF operation” help on Productivity, Water and Energy conservations through Automation and on-line real time monitoringV. Padmanabhan, Nalco Water India Ltd.
Papermaking 4.0 – The vehicle to the factory of the futureDr. Matthias W. Schmitt, Voith Group
The conception of industry 4.0 in the environment of pulp and paper companies in IndiaBalveer Mishra, Dr. S.P Singh, PAPRI and JK Paper
Muzafffarnagar Zonal Seminar held on 17 & 18 August, 2018
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High Efficiency Agro Based Integrated Chemical Recovery Plant at Bindals Papers Mills Ltd.Rahul Jain, Bindals Papers Mills Ltd.
Case Study of Consistent Pulp Quality with Optimization utilizing advance algorithmsVishnukant Rai, Yash Papers Ltd.
COD Optimization for Zero Discharge Mills- UASB approach & its Pre-treatmentTapan Rai, Ion exchange (India) Ltd.
Efficent and Environment Friendly Paper Making – Value addition by forming Fabric and Case StudiesBarathi G., Wires & Fabriks (SA) Ltd.
Technological advancement and Trends for Sustainability of Coated Duplex Board making industries in IndiaDr. M. Vadivel, Saraswati Udyog (India) Ltd.
Data Mining Applications in Pulp & Paper IndustryD.K. Singhal, Chandpur Enterprises Ltd.
Validation of Feasibility of Zero Liquid Discharge in a RCF based Kraft Paper Mill – A Case StudyDr. Nitin Endlay, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute
Converting opportunities into Economic BenefitsArvind Garg, Arvind Consulting Group
A Novel Approach to Utilize Straw Black Liquor from Mills Producing Unbleached Packaging Grade PaperDr. A.K. Dixit, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute
Variation in Process Measurement of variation in terms of Cp & Cpk with methodology of implementationSurya Prakash, ITC Limied Unit Bhadrachalam

Muzaffarnagar Zonal Seminar held on 17 & 18 August, 2018

Delhi Annual Seminar held on 23 & 24 March, 2018

TITLE (Click on the Topic for downloading)PAPER PRESENTED BY
New Generation of Functional Coating Binder Allows New Coating Properties
Design and Higher Cost Efficiency
Jan-L.Hemmes, Kemira
Enzymes - back from the drawing board
Chris Rozett,
An Innovative Compositive Material
Kapil Dev Sohal,
Imerys Minerals
Nano Fibers & Super PCC
Vijay Kumar Mathur,
Pacific Nano Products India Pvt. Ltd.
design of the bleach plant and global trends
Anil W. Purankar,
Valmet AB
Growth and Innovative Measures at JK Paper for Sustainability
Dilip Kumar Tripathy,
JK Paper Mills, Unit: JKPM
For Growth And Sustainability - Efforts At Yash Paper Ltd
Gopabandhu  Nath,
Yash Paper Ltd.
improvement in chemical recovery and lime kiln by innovation and out of box
Girish Chandra Kandpal,
JK Paper Mill, Unit: CPM
of Lime Kiln Performance through Collaborative Operations
Abhay Anand,
ABB Pte. Ltd.
in pulp and paper industry
Manish Srivastava,
JK Paper Mill, Unit: JKPM
Ashit Saxena,
Ernst & Young LLP
Approach towards Energy Efficiency
Anil Setia,
Century Pulp & Paper
sustainable source of raw material through Agro Forestry models
Jagdish Tamak,
ITC Limited, Unit: Bhadrachalam
Approach on Reduction of Carbon Foot Print, Environment Impact and
enhancement in Productivity - A Case Study
B.V.K.S.S. Prasad,
Emami Paper Mills Ltd.
Approach towards Sustainability by Adopting New Innovative Concepts at M/s
Bindals Paper Mills Ltd, U.P.
Vimal Kishore,
Bindals Papers Mills Ltd.
breakthrough high rate anaerobic reactor proves itself in the pulp and paper
Jacopo de Steffani,

Coimbatore Conference held on 24 & 25 November, 2017

TITLE (Click on the Topic for downloading)PAPER PRESENTED BY
Key Note AddressArun G. Bijur, SPB
Projects & Consultancy Ltd
Maintenances Strategies Cost Reduction and
Quality Improvement
V. Nagarajan,
Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd.
Sustained Growth with Maintenance Best Practices
and Re-Engineering Efforts in TNPL
B. Mahesh,
Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.
Re-Engineering and Best Maintenance PracticesT.S. Bhaskara Rao,
ITC Limited, Unit: Bhadrachalam
Enhancing Black Liquor Evaporation Capacity
Through Process Re-Engineering
V. Prabhakaran,
Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd.
Best Maintenance Practices for Enhanced Paper
Machine Clothing Performance
Barathi G.,
Wires & Fabriks (SA) Ltd.
The Profile: Key to Re-Engineered ScreeningC.B. Naik,
Mill Engineering and Maintenance PracticesSankar Choudhury & Girija Misra,
Smart Techniques for Efficient, Effective &
Economical Operation of Centrifugal Process Pumps in Paper Industry
K.L. Narayanan,
Abirami Engineering Company
Need of Quality in Manufacturing of Equipment
& Machines Coupled with Proper Alignment, Lubrication to Achieve Plant
Reliability & Safety For Pulp and Paper Mills
T.Tata Reddy,
Roll Cover DevelopmentSanjiv Lathia,
Lathia Rubber Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Thermography as A Tool To Improve ReliabilityV. Nagarajan,
Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd.
Re-Engineering and Best Maintenance PracticesJ. Stanley Buniyan,
ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Kovai
Maintenance of Rollers for Paper IndustryShalabh Gupta,
Modinagar Rolls Pvt. Ltd.
Re-Engineering – Pope Reeling to ConvertingMuralidhar Ekambaram,
Parason Machinery

Aurangabad Seminar held on 4 & 5 August, 2017

TITLE (Click on the Topic for downloading)PAPER PRESENTED BY
Key Note AddressManish M. Patel,
The South India Paper Mills Ltd.
Packaging Development & Future NeedsPankaj Shah,
Mehta Paper Industries
3rd Generation Fiber Modification
Product for Recycled Packaging
Chris S. Rozett,
Buckman Asia Pacific
Future of Food Packaging Industry with New
Generation Bio-Polymer
Ravi Kumar Machani,
LDS Industries & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Recycled Fiber Used In ShaYing PaperJie Song,
Technical Centre ShaYing Paper, China
Special Packaging Paper Development – For Carton
Which Withstand Cold Storage and Sea Worthy Export
Kajal Saini,
Genus Paper and Boards Ltd.
Technological Advancement in Bulk and Stiffness
Improvement for Duplex Board Making Industries In India
M. Vadivel,
Saraswati Udyog India Ltd.
Prediction of Half Tone and Back Trap Mottle for
Offset Printing
Ch. Pratap Kumar,
ITC Limited, Unit: Bhadrachalam
Packaging Paper – A New Forming Fabric Design for
Operational Excellence
Barathi G.,
Wires & Fabriks (SA) Ltd.
Proficient Ways of Paper Machine Design Concepts
(Fluting / Linerboard and Machines)
K.G. Ranjan,
Alsip MiniMill USA
DuoShake: For Improved Strength and Better Sheet
Abhijan Chakraborty, Voith
Paper Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
How To Effectively Improve Packaging Paper
Piotr Jasiuk,
PMP Poland
UBC (Used Beverage Carton Recycling) System – A
Case Study at Manila, Philippines
Kishor Desarda,
Parason Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai Annual Seminar held on 3 & 4 March, 2017

TITLE (Click on the Topic for downloading)PAPER PRESENTED BY
Key Note AddressN. Gopalaratnam, Seshasayee Paper
& Boards Ltd.
Energy Savings in Paper Machine Vacuum System How
to utilize modern vacuum and nip dewatering technology
Jyrki Uimonen, Runtech Systems
Oy, Finland
Learning from Data – Sustainable Plant
Optimization at DIP 4 at Holmen Paper Madrid
Roman Klug, AutomationX GmbH,
Performance improvements and sustainability
through Advance Process Controls and Remote monitoring services
Ramesh Chandra, Valmet Automation
Pvt. Ltd.
Plastic waste disposalSelvamani Sunil Kumar,
Paterson Engineering Pvt Ltd
Sustenance of Business & Conservation of
Resources by Adopting Clean and Green Methodology Journey of Green Co
Platinum Rating Company
M. Satyanarayana,
ITC Ltd. Unit: Bhadrachalam
Sustainability in competitive market through
Innovation & creativity -Quality up-gradation and Operational Excellence
- “A case study contributing to Orient’s profitable growth journey”
Sanjeev Jain, Orient Paper Mills
Ultra-High Dispersing: increased dispersion
efficiency and considerable steam savings
Andreas Gorton-Hülgerth,
Andritz AG, Graz Austria
The promise of new bio-based and compostable
polymer materials in harmony with emerging “circular economy” concepts –
Synergy & Opportunity for paper industry
Ramani Narayan,  MSU University Distinguished Professor,
Michigan State University, East Lansing MI USA
China Visit HighlightsA.K. Mishra, JK Paper Mills,
Utilization of Lime Sludge as a Filler in Paper
Making – An Innovative Approach to Cost Reduction and Zero Environmental
Nath Gopabandhu, Yash Papers Ltd.
Emission Intensity Reduction through Enhanced
Recovery Cogen performance and implementation of advanced Energy Efficient
schemes in Seshasayee Paper
T.G. Sundar Raman,
Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd.
Green and Clean Best Practices in Paper
Manufacturing at Emami
Ramesh Chandra Khuntia, Emami
Paper Mills Ltd.
Practices and Technologies Adopted by International
Pulp and Paper Mills to Enhance environmental sustainability
Arumugam Arivalagan,
Pulping and Bleaching of Mella Dubia Clone K10 :
A Short Rotation Pulp Wood Clone to Improve Environmental and Economical
Sankaralingam P., Tamil
Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.
An Integrated Approach for Utilization of Rice
Straw for Production of Various Grades of Paper
Priti S.Lal, CPPRI, Saharanpur
Production of Fungal Xylanase and Laccase Enzymes
for Enzymatic Pre-Bleaching Application
Anuradha V. Janbade, CPPRI,
Green Approach for Synthesis of Optical
Brightening Agents and their Application in Wet End of Papermaking
Sunil Kumar, ACIRD, Yamunanagar
Pulp & Paper Mill enhancements for green
productivity benefits
Brendan van Wyk, Xylem Water
Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Stickies and Pitch Control with Superior Enzymatic
Tajinder Bir Singh Chahal, Buckman
Asia Pacific