Past Seminar Topics

Topic of SeminarEventYearPlace
Fostering the future of Energy & Environment in Pulp & Paper IndustryAGM & Seminar2024Kolkata
Efficient Collection & Processing of Recovered Paper for Achieving Improved Yield and QualityZonal II2023Muzaffarnagar
Replacing Single Use Plastic with Paper With Emphasis on Food PackagingZonal I2023Mysuru
Preparing Paper Industry towards Green Manufacturing Annual2023Hyderabad
Energy Conservation Cost Reduction and Developing Alternate Source of EnergyZonal2022Vapi
Benchmarking in Pulping , Bleaching & Recovery Operation in India Vs Global StandardWorkshop2022Saharanpur
Best Practices in the field of Manufacturing Environment, HR, Image Building & Branding by Pulp & Paper IndustryAnnual2022Delhi
Technological Development and Trouble Shooting in MID Segment Paper Mills in IndiaWorkshop cum Seminar2019Rajahmundry
Enhancing Productivity, Quality, Value Addition and Environmental Sustainability through SPECIALITY CHEMICALSWorkshop cum Seminar2019Goa
Technical Advancements in Manufacturing of Packaging Grades of PaperAnnual2019Ahmedabad
Automation for Process, Asset, Productivity, Quality & Marketing OptimizationZonal II2018Hyderabad
Developing Efficient and Environment Friendly Operation at Waste Paper & Agro Based Units – Thrust on export & value additionZonal I2018Muzaffarnagar
Innovation - For Growth and SustainabilityAnnual2018Delhi NCR
RE-Engineering and Best Maintenance PracticesZonal2017Coimbatore
Packaging Paper - The Way AheadZonal2017Aurangabad
Green and Clean Best Practices and Technologies in Paper ManufacturingAnnual2017Chennai
Technological Development in Packaging Grades of Paper & BoardConference2016Vapi
Technological Advancement in Pulp & Paper Making Agro, Recycled And other Raw MaterialsZonal2016Chandigarh
Resources Conservation as a Key to CompetitivenessAnnual2016Kolkata
Sustainability of Paper Industry in IndiaAnnual2015Hyderabad
Waste, Water and Air Management with Focus on Recycled PaperZonal2015Ahmedabad
Technological Advancements in Manufacturing Packaging Grades of PaperWorkshop2015Kashipur
Current Capabilities and Emerging Challenges and SolutionsGolden Jubilee2014New Delhi
Best Maintenance Practices in Pulp and Paper Mill to Improve ProfitabilityZonal2014Pune
Modern Technologies in Paperboard Making & converting/finishing & Warehousing OperationsWorkshop2014Chennai
Innovation and Best Practices in Pulp & Paper ManufacturingAnnual2013Chennai
Technological Advancements in Recycling, Waste Paper Collection andZonal2013Aurangabad
Machine Clothing and Its Role in Paper Making for Quality and CostWorkshop2013Jaipur
From Refiner to Reel-Key Steps for Production and Quality ExcellenceAnnual2012Kolkata
Agro & Recycled Fiber Pulping, Bleaching and Paper & Board makingZonal2012Chandigarh
Chemical Recovery Cost Effective And Efficient OperationWorkshop2012Erode
3E’s of Paper Industry-Energy, Environment & EcologyAnnual2011Mumbai
RAW (Recycled, Agro, Wood) Material – Handling/Plantation/Storage/UsageZonal2011Lucknow
Closing of Water Loop – Treatment and ConservationWorkshop2011Kagithapuram
Preparedness of Indian Paper Industry for the DecadeAnnual2010Chennai
Indigenous Capability for Pulp & Paper Machinery And ServicesZonal2010Bangalore
Optimising Secondary Fibre processing for High Speed Paper Machine.Workshop2010Balasore
Technological Advances in Indian Pulp and Paper IndustryAnnual2009New Delhi
Cost Competitiveness of Indian Paper IndustryZonal2009Jaipur
Paper Machine ClothingWorkshop2009Saharanpur
Competitiveness of Indian Paper Industry in Global Scenario.Annual2008Kolkata
Stock Preparation and Paper Making ChemistryZonal2008Aurangabad
Paper Quality and Printing ProcessWorkshop2008Saharanpur
Latest Development in Fiber– Line and Paper Machine TechnologiesAnnual2007Mumbai
Mill Wide Maintenance Strategies in Paper IndustryZonal2007Hyderabad
Wet – End Chemistry with Emphasis on Neutral/Alkaline PapermakingWorkshop2007Saharanpur
Eco – Friendly Technologies for Pulp and Paper IndustryAnnual2006Chennai
Energy Conservation with Special Reference to Energy Conservation Act. 2001Zonal2006Chandigarh
Environment and Solutions-Implementation of CorporateResponsibility for Environmental ProtectionWorkshop2006Saharanpur
Developments in Pulping and Chemical RecoveryAnnual2005New Delhi
Processing of Waste Paper and Stock PreparationZonal2005Ahmedabad
Leveraging IT and Process Automation in Pulp & Paper IndustryWorkshop2005Cochin
Environmental Technologies and Management in Pulp and Paper IndustryAnnual2004Calcutta
Chemical Additives in Paper ManufacturingZonal2004Nagpur
Converting, Finishing, Packaging and Handling of Paper in Paper MillWorkshop2004Saharanpur
Advance in Paper Machine, Calendaring and FinishingAnnual2003Mumbai
Maintenance in Pulp & Paper IndustriesZonal2003Coimbatore
Quality Management and Quality ControlWorkshop2003Saharanpur
Fiberlines in Indian Context – Constraints and RealityAnnual2002Chennai
Co – generation and Developments in the Utility areas of Pulp & Paper IndustryZonal2002Bhubaneshwar
Challenges and Options before Indian Pulp & Paper IndustryAnnual2001New Delhi
Waste Paper Recycling and its AutomationZonal2001Ahmedabad
Chemical Recovery with particular reference to Agro ResiduesWorkshop2001Ludhiana
Emerging Trends in Energy Management in Pulp & Paper Industry in the new MillenniumZonal2000Bangalore
Green, Clean and Closed Loop Systems – Concept and RealitiesZonal2000Jaipur
Optimization of Wet End Technology in Paper & Board MakingWorkshop2000Rajahmundry
Cleaner Production for Sustainable DevelopmentWorkshop1999Saharanpur
Plant Maintenance Strategies in Paper Mills & Dev. in Paper Machine Fabricks & Chemical additivesZonal1999Hyderabad
Status of Recycling Technology and Fiber Processing at the Turn of the CenturyAnnual1999Calcutta
Utilization of non-wood Fibrous Raw Materials For Paper Manufacture in Small and Large Paper MillsZonal1998Chandigarh
Cost & Quality Competitiveness of Indian Pulp & Paper Industry in the changed Scenario due GlobalizationAnnual1998Mumbai
Bleaching of Pulp including Chlorine free BleachingWorkshop1997Saharanpur
Stock Preparation Systems & Chemical Recovery from Black Liquor and Equipment UsedZonal1997Aurangabad
Emerging Technologies in Pulp & Paper IndustriesAnnual1997Chennai
Augmentation ofCellulosic Raw Materials for Pulp & Paper IndustryZonal1996Ahmedabad
Energy Management and Environmental Preservation by Pulp & Paper IndustryAnnual1996New Delhi
Paper Properties & Printing&Specialty PapersZonal1995Madras
Utilization of Secondary Fibers& Advances in Coating TechnologiesAnnual1995Calcutta
Non-Wood Fibrous Raw Material Pulping and Paper MakingAnnual1994New Delhi
Total Quality Management (TQM) in Pulp & Paper Industry & Bleaching of PulpZonal1994Nagpur
Environmental Management in Pulp & Paper Industry.Annual1994New Delhi
Energy Management in Pulp and Paper Industry including Co-generation of Electrical Power.Annual1993Bombay
Technological And Engineering Developments in Pulp and Paper Industry.Zonal1993Bangalore
Greening of the Earth-Necessity and Role of Pulp & Paper Industry.Zonal1992Dehradun
Practices and Experience in Black Liquor Evaporation, Recovery Boiler Operation and Causticizing.Zonal1992Hyderabad
Corrosion Management in Pulp and Paper Industry.Zonal1991Chennai
Fire Loss Control in Pulp and Paper Mills1991Hyderabad
Non-Wood Fibrous Raw Material, Pulping, Washing & Bleaching.Zonal1991Aurangabad
Development in Pulp Mill and Paper Machine Clothings.Annual1991New Delhi
Education and Training in Pulp and Paper Technology.Zonal1990Saharanpur
Energy Management in Pulp & Paper Industry-Case StudyZonal1990Bombay
Collection and Utilisation of Waste Paper for Paper & Board Manufacture.Zonal1990Coimbatore
Rebuilding of Paper Machine for Optimum Productivity and Economy.Annual1990Kolkata
Appropriate Technologies for Pulp and Paper Technology Manufacture in Developing Countries.Silver Jubilee1989New Delhi
Application of Control System in Pulp and Paper Industry for improving Productivity and Efficiency.Zonal1988Jaipur
Cost Production Measures in Pulp and Paper Industry.Annual1988Chennai
Economic of Chemical Additives in Paper Industry.Zonal1988Bombay
Waste Utilization & Pollution Abatement in Paper IndustryAnnual1987New Delhi
Economic of Chemical Recovery Systems for Medium and Small Mills.Zonal1987Nagpur
Material Handling and Safety in Paper Industry.Zonal1986Pune
Conversation of Energy in Pulp and Paper Industry.Annual1985New Delhi
Pulp & Paper Machinery Design & Manufacturing Problems and Prospects.Zonal1985Kolkata
Waste Paper Utilisation and ProcessingZonal1985New Delhi
Process & Quality Control in Pulp & Paper Mills.Annual1984New Delhi
Paper Coating, Lamination and Conversion.Zonal1984Kolkata
Technology Forecast in Next Decades for Pulp & Paper Industry.Annual1983New Delhi
Machine Clothing in Pulp and Paper Industry & their Economic Aspects.Zonal1983Baroda
Man Power Training and Planning & Maintenance in Small UnitsZonal1983Saharanpur
Raw Material for More Paper and RecyclingAnnual1982New Delhi
Energy Management in Pulp and Paper IndustryZonal1982Kolkata
High Yield Pulping and Newsprint Manufacture.Zonal1982Nepanagar
Utilization of Bagasse and Agricultural Residues for Pulp and PaperZonal1982Lucknow
Wet End Operations of Paper Machines.Zonal1981Chennai
Trends in Technological and Engineering Developments in Pulp & Paper IndustryAnnual1979New Delhi
Trends in Engineering and Technological Development in Pulp & Paper IndustryAnnual1978New Delhi
Paper Machine Clothing Paper Conversion and Packaging IndustryAnnual1978Mumbai
Corrosion Problems and Chemical Recovery in Pulp & Paper IndustryZonal1978Rajahmundry
Research, Development and all general topics connected with Pulp & Paper IndustriesAnnual1977New Delhi