Vice President

Ganesh Bhadti

Vice President - IPPTA
President (Opns), Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd.

Indian Paper Industry is facing very big challenges which has to be dealt with successfully. Challenges are like quality of the paper and packaging board should match the requirement of the printer/converter, environmental concerns about excessive use of water & energy as well as water & air pollution etc.

Similarly, we have very good opportunities as well, which has to be encashed. The ban on single use plastic will open multiple avenues of converted products made from paper. This opportunity must not be dead on account of quality. China’s environmental concerns are positively changing the Indian Paper industry. We have all the reasons to cheer but we must not forget that development on the cost of environment may imitate into pollution and hazardous situation.

We at IPPTA will try to provide technical solutions and support to the Indian Paper industry for all the challenges.