Sr.No.Name of the CompanySegmentPage No.
120 Microns Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers692
2A.B. Engineering IndustriesAncillary456
3A.G. EngineersChemical Manufacturing591
4AAV Mineral & Chemicals Industries Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing590
5ABB LimitedAutomation571
6Abhi Industrial CorporationAncillary456
7Abhyudaya Engineering Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers661
8ABI Pulp And Paper EquipmentsMachinery Manufacturers661
9Abirami Engineering CompanyAncillary456
10Accuweb EnterprisesAncillary458
11ACE Automation EngineersAncillary457
12ACE Pressureweld Int’l (Pte) LimitedTraders & Suppliers717
13ACETEGA Terra GmbHChemical Manufacturing590
14Acmevac Sales Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary457
15ADCL-FAFECO Engineering Pvt.LimitedAncillary458
16Adeptus Servo-Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd.Automation571
17Aditron India Pvt. LimitedAncillary460
18Adval SpecialityChemical Manufacturing591
19Advance Industrial Rollers Pvt. LimitedAncillary459
20Advance InternationalAncillary459
21Advance Paper-Tech ServicesAncillary460
22Aero Therm Systems Pvt.LimitedAncillary461
23Agro Pulping Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers662
24Ahmedabad ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing592
25Aims India Pvt. LimitedAncillary462
26Akar Shakti Engineering WorksMachinery Manufacturers661
27Akashdeep Papers Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers718
28Alfa Laval (India) Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary462
29Alfa Therm LimitedAncillary462
30Alliance International DWC-LLCTraders & Suppliers718
31Alloy Metallizing & EngineersAncillary463
32ALPS Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing592
33Altret Industries Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers719
34Amar Elastomers Pvt. LimitedAncillary463
35Amazon Papyrus Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing593
36Amber Gum IndustriesChemical Manufacturing593
37Ambica Paper MachineriesMachinery Manufacturers662
38Ambica PlasticsAncillary464
39Amit EngineersMachinery Manufacturers663
40Amit PapersTraders & Suppliers719
41Amol EnterprisesTraders & Suppliers720
42Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd.Automation572
43Anabham Industrial BeltsAncillary464
44Anar Rub Tech Pvt. LimitedAncillary465
45Andritz OYMachinery Manufacturers664
46Andritz Technologies Pvt. LimitedService Provider698
47Angels InstrumentsAncillary465
48Anirudh MarketingTraders & Suppliers721
49Anmol Polymers Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing594
50Annapurna ImportsTraders & Suppliers720
51AP Corporation Co.Traders & Suppliers721
52AP Trade LinksTraders & Suppliers721
53Apcotex Industries LimitedChemical Manufacturing594
54Apex Kinives Private LimitedAncillary465
55April International Marketing Services LimitedTraders & Suppliers722
56Apurva ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing595
57Archroma India Private LimitedAncillary466
58Arintex Global LimitedChemical Manufacturing596
59Arjun Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing596
60Arjun Technologies (India) LimitedAncillary467
61Artifacts IndiaAncillary467
62Arvind Rub-Web Controls LimitedAncillary468
63Ashapura Minechem LimitedTraders & Suppliers722
64Ashoka Rolls Mfrs. Pvt. LimitedAncillary469
65Ashton International Pvt. LimitedAncillary468
66Ashu Engineering CompanyChemical Manufacturing597
67ATS Techno Pvt. LtdAncillary469
68Atul LimitedChemical Manufacturing597
69Auchtel Products LimitedChemical Manufacturing598
70Automation Engineers AB Pvt. LimitedService Provider698
71Avon Industrial CuttersAncillary470
72Azimuth InternationalTraders & Suppliers723
73B. Gurjar IndustriesChemical Manufacturing600
74B.S. Industrial Equipments (P) LimitedAncillary473
75Bajrang IndustriesMachinery Manufacturers664
76Balaji AdhesiveChemical Manufacturing598
77Bansal Dye Chem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing599
78BASF India LimitedChemical Manufacturing600
79Bellmer India Pvt. LimitedAncillary470
80Bengal Industries Private LimitedAncillary471
81Best Engineering Works RegdAncillary471
82Bhagwati ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing601
83Bhairav Plant & Machinery Brokers LLPTraders & Suppliers723
84Bharat EngineersAncillary472
85Bhatt & BrosMachinery Manufacturers665
86Bhilwara H-Tech EngineeringMachinery Manufacturers665
87Bhilwara PolymersAncillary472
88Boiler Tubulars & BricksAncillary473
89Bombay Dye-Chem CorporationChemical Manufacturing601
90Brandsmart Packaging Company India Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary473
91Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers666
92BTG Instruments India (A Voith Germany)Ancillary474
93Bull Machines Pvt.LimitedAncillary475
94Business World Enterprises (P) LimitedAncillary476
95C. Trivedi & CompanyAncillary481
96CAD Paper Machine Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers724
97Cadkams MarketingTraders & Suppliers724
98Calsys India Pvt. LimitedAncillary476
99Cellpap Mercantile Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers725
100Cento ChemTraders & Suppliers725
101Central AgenciesAutomation573
102Cethar LimitedAncillary476
103Chainlink & Wire Netting IndustriesMachine Clothing648
104Cheema Boilers LimitedAncillary477
105Chemical Centre (India)Chemical Manufacturing601
106Chemtex Technologies Pvt. LimitedAncillary478
107Chino Corporation India Pvt. LimitedAutomation574
108Clean Combustion Pvt. LimitedAncillary478
109Cleanflo India Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers726
110CN Automation LLPAutomation574
111Cochin Minerals and Rutile LimitedChemical Manufacturing602
112Confetti India Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers667
113Conteq TechnologiesMachinery Manufacturers667
114Continental Conveyors (P) LimitedAncillary479
115Control Care Automation (P) LimitedAutomation574
116Coronet Engineers Pvt. LimitedAutomation575
117Covacsis Technologies Pvt. LimitedService Provider699
118Crest Machine CorporationAncillary480
119Crest Tools Pvt. LimitedAncillary480
120CRI Pumps Private LimitedAncillary480
121CTC Impex (India) Pvt. LimitedAncillary481
122D.B. Engineering Solutions LLPAncillary484
123D.F. IndustriesService Provider700
124D.S. EngineersMachinery Manufacturers668
125D.Tech Paper Machines Pvt.LimitedMachinery Manufacturers668
126Daftech Engineers Pvt.LimitedMachinery Manufacturers668
127Daga Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing603
128Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd.Ancillary482
129Daikaffil Chemicals India LimitedChemical Manufacturing603
130Dandy Rolls India Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary483
131DCW LimitedChemical Manufacturing603
132Deepa ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing604
133Deepak Nitrite LimitedChemical Manufacturing604
134Dembla Valves Pvt. LimitedAncillary484
135Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners LimitedTraders & Suppliers726
136Diamond Engineering CompanyAncillary485
137DNB Dryvent India Pvt. LimitedAncillary485
138Dujodwala Paper Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing605
139Durga Trading CompanyTraders & Suppliers727
140Durgapur Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing605
141Dynaspede Integrated Systems LimitedAutomation576
142Eastern Bearings Pvt LimitedAncillary486
143EICL LimitedChemical Manufacturing606
144EintecTraders & Suppliers727
145Elastomer Lining Works Pvt. LimitedAncillary486
146Electrical Rotating Systems Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers728
147Elof Hansson (India) Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers728
148Environ Engineering CompanyService Provider700
149Enviropol Engineers Pvt. LimitedService Provider701
150Escort Bearing (India) Pvt. LimitedAncillary487
151Eureka EnterprisesChemical Manufacturing606
152Eurotech AssociatesTraders & Suppliers729
153Everest Industries LimitedAncillary488
154Excel Engineering IndustriesAncillary489
155Excel Papertech EngineersAncillary488
156Fibre Impex Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers729
157Filatex India LimitedMachine Clothing648
158Filco Trade Centre Pvt.LimitedAncillary490
159Filfab Corporation (SMD)Traders & Suppliers730
160Filtrum Polymers Pvt. LimitedAncillary489
161Fimakem India LimitedChemical Manufacturing607
162Finor Piplaj Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing606
163FKL India Pvt. LimitedAncillary491
164Flosys Pumps Pvt.LimitedAncillary491
165Flourish Paper & Chemicals Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing608
166Foresight InternationalTraders & Suppliers730
167Fouress Engineering (India) LimitedAncillary492
168Fuma Labs Pvt. Ltd.Service Provider702
169FX Pigments Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing608
170G. Varadan Engineering Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers731
171G.Lochan & Co. Pvt. LimitedAncillary494
172Garuda Engineering TechnologiesAncillary492
173Gaurav Vipa Paper Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers731
174Gautam Exim Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers732
175GB Engineering Enterprises Pvt. LimitedAncillary493
176George Augustine Geofrance Pvt. LimitedService Provider702
177Gita Pumps India Pvt. LimitedAncillary494
178Glob Tech Process EquipmentMachinery Manufacturers670
179Global Control SystemMachinery Manufacturers669
180Global Engineering & TechnologyAncillary494
181Global Engineering CorporationMachinery Manufacturers669
182Global Paper Machinery & Engineering CompanyMachinery Manufacturers670
183Global Waste Recyclers LimitedService Provider702
184Golcha Associated GroupChemical Manufacturing608
185Golchha Pigments Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing609
186Goma Engineering Pvt. LimitedAncillary495
187Goodrich Agrochem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing609
188Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. LimitedAncillary495
189Gulshan Polyols LimitedChemical Manufacturing609
190Guru Nanak IndustriesAncillary496
191Guru Nanak Machinery HouseMachinery Manufacturers671
192H. Gokaldas & CompanyChemical Manufacturing611
193H.B. Engineering WorksAncillary497
194H.S. Dye Chem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing611
195Haber (Elixa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)Automation576
196Haber (Elixa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)Chemical Manufacturing610
197Haitek Industrial Fabircs Pvt. LimitedMachine Clothing649
198Hardayal Engineering Works (P) LimitedMachinery Manufacturers671
199Hardy Transmission (P) LimitedAncillary496
200Hariram IndustriesTraders & Suppliers732
201Harjit Paper & Machinery Pvt. LimitedAncillary496
202HDO Technologies LimitedMachinery Manufacturers672
203Hema Paper Machinery India Pvt.LimitedAncillary497
204Hemetek Techno Instruments Pvt. LimitedAutomation577
205Hina IndustriesAncillary499
206Hindon Engg. Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers673
207Hindustan Paper Machinery IndustriesMachinery Manufacturers673
208Hi-Q Systems/ Machno IndiaAutomation577
209Hira Foundry & Engineering WorksAncillary498
210HI-Tech Transmission EngineersAncillary498
211Honest Iron & Engineering WorksMachinery Manufacturers673
212Honest Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers674
213Honeywell Automation India LimitedAutomation578
214Horizon Polymer Engineering Pvt. LimitedAncillary499
215Hosokawa Micron India Pvt. LimitedService Provider703
216Imerys Minerals (India) Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing612
217Inditech Valves Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers676
218Indo Foreign Agencies Pvt.LimitedTraders & Suppliers733
219Indo Gears and Machinery (India)Ancillary500
220Indo Poly Machines CorporationAncillary501
221Indofil Industries LimitedChemical Manufacturing612
222Industrial Boilers LimitedMachinery Manufacturers674
223Industrial Jewels Pvt. LimitedAncillary501
224Industrial NDTService Provider704
225Ingredion India Pvt. LimitedAncillary502
226Instrumentation LimitedAutomation578
227Instruments & SystemsAutomation579
228Integrated Drive Systems Pvt. LimitedAutomation579
229IPS Automation Products Pvt. LimitedAutomation580
230ISGEC Heavy Engineering LimitedAutomation580
231Isha Engineering & CoAutomation580
232Ishan Paryavaran Pvt. LimitedService Provider704
233Ivax Paper Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing612
234J&K Engineers LLPTraders & Suppliers733
235J.J. Wire Netting Pvt. LimitedMachine Clothing650
236Jagdish Engineering WorksAncillary503
237Jai Vardhman Khaniz Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing613
238Jain Wire Netting StoresMachine Clothing649
239Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. LimitedAncillary504
240Jay MineralsAncillary503
241Jayant Engineering & Marketing Pvt.LimitedAncillary503
242Jaykay EnterpriseAncillary505
243Jaypee Paper AgencyTraders & Suppliers733
244Jee Pumps (Gujarat) Pvt.LimitedAncillary506
245Jeetmull Jaichandlal (P) LimitedMachine Clothing649
246JMC Papertech Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers677
247JMD Packaging MachinesAncillary507
248JML Paper & Waste CorporationTraders & Suppliers733
249Josts Engineering Company LimitedAncillary507
250JVC Separation Engineers Pvt. LimitedAncillary507
251K. Patel Chemo Pharma Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing614
252Kakati Karshak Industries Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers677
253Kakati Vacuum Pumps & SystemsAncillary508
254Kalptaru Papers LLPAncillary508
255Kanoria Chemicals & Industries LimitedChemical Manufacturing613
256Karan Carpet IndustriesMachine Clothing650
257Karnataka Paper & Board Co.Traders & Suppliers734
258Kaveri Engineering WorksService Provider705
259Keerthi PumpsAncillary509
260Kessels Engineering Works Pvt. LimitedAncillary509
261Kevichem Colour Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing613
262Khalsa Engineering WorksMachinery Manufacturers678
263Khanna Polyrib Pvt. LimitedAncillary510
264Khyati Chemicals Pvt.LimitedChemical Manufacturing614
265Kingsley Industries LimitedAncillary511
266KKT Shakti Hitech Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers735
267Koerting Engineering Pvt. LimitedAncillary511
268Korina Polymer SolutionChemical Manufacturing615
269KPL International LimitedChemical Manufacturing615
270Kraftpro Marketing Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers734
271Krishna Engineering WorksAncillary511
272Krishna Speciality Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing616
273Krofta Engineering LimitedAncillary512
274Lalchandani & AssociatesTraders & Suppliers735
275Lars Enviro Pvt. LimitedAncillary513
276Lathia Polymer IndustriesAncillary513
277Lathia Rubber Mfg. Co. Pvt. LimitedAncillary514
278Levcon Jaykay Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary514
279Lipi Boilers LimitedAncillary515
280LKF Bearing AccessoriesAncillary515
281Mactrol Automation Solutions LimitedAutomation581
282Magna Flow Systems IndiaService Provider705
283Magnum EngineeringAncillary516
284Magnum Engineers India Pvt. LimitedAncillary516
285Mahabir Netting Pvt LimitedMachine Clothing651
286Mahajan Recycle PTYTraders & Suppliers736
287Mahajan Recycle ResourcesTraders & Suppliers736
288Maimoon Impex LLPTraders & Suppliers737
289Manas Microsystems Pvt. LimitedAncillary517
290Mangal InstrumentationAncillary518
291Marsh AutomationAutomation581
292Maruishi IndiaTraders & Suppliers736
293Maruti IndustriesAncillary517
294Mascot Valves Pvt. LimitedAncillary518
295Masturlal Cords & Ropes Pvvt. Ltd.Ancillary519
296Masturlal RB & Sons Pvt. Ltd.Machine Clothing651
297Matrix Cutting Tools Private LimitedAncillary519
298Maxim Specialty Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing616
299Mazda LimitedAncillary519
300MBH Pumps (Guj.) Pvt. LimitedAncillary520
301MBM Engineering Infotech LimitedAncillary520
302Mcon and ServicesMachinery Manufacturers679
303Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates LLPChemical Manufacturing617
304Mehra HoldingsAncillary521
305Membrance Engineers Pvt. LimitedService Provider705
306Mercury CardsAncillary521
307Mewar Microns Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing617
308Michelman Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing618
309Minerals Technologies India Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing619
310Mittal Paper & Chemicals (P) LimitedChemical Manufacturing620
311Mittal Tradex Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers738
312Mittal Trading CompanyTraders & Suppliers737
313MK Process Technologies Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers738
314Modern Drive Shafts Pvt. LimitedAncillary522
315Modinagar Rolls LimitedAncillary522
316MonochemChemical Manufacturing620
317Mukta InternationalTraders & Suppliers739
318Mumal Microns Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing620
319N. Precision EngineersAncillary523
320N. S. IndustriesMachinery Manufacturers680
321Nalco Water India LimitedService Provider706
322Narsingh Dass & Co. Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers740
323Nath Screen Pvt. LimitedAncillary523
324National Peroxide LimitedChemical Manufacturing621
325Natraj Machinery Pvt.LimitedMachinery Manufacturers679
326Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing621
327NBU Bearings Pvt. LimitedAncillary523
328Neelkanth Machinery CompanyAncillary523
329NETZSCH Technologies India Private LimitedAncillary524
330New Horizon EnterprisesTraders & Suppliers741
331New Tech Polymers IndiaChemical Manufacturing622
332Nice ImportsTraders & Suppliers740
333Nidec Industrial SolutionsAncillary525
334Nipuna International Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers742
335Nitin Dye Chem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing622
336NKR Engineers Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers680
337Nnoweta Performance Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing623
338Northstar International LLCTraders & Suppliers742
339NP Chem Treat Engg. Co.Traders & Suppliers743
340NTB International Pvt.LimitedAncillary526
341OBA Speciality ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing624
342Omicron Paptech LLPTraders & Suppliers743
343Omya India Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing624
344Orbinox India Private LimitedAncillary527
345Orien Paper Machinery Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers681
346P. Rakesh IndustriesTraders & Suppliers744
347P.D. Pumps & SystemsAncillary531
348P.K. Marketing CompanyTraders & Suppliers747
349Pamach Paper Machinery Pvt. LimitedAncillary528
350Panchal Engineering WorksMachinery Manufacturers681
351Panditji Pumps (India)Ancillary529
352Pandiyan Paper CompanyTraders & Suppliers745
353Paper Mill Plant SuppliersMachinery Manufacturers682
354Paper Works Trading LLPTraders & Suppliers744
355Pap-Tech Engineering & AssociatesAncillary527
356Paques Enviromental Technology India Pvt. LimitedService Provider706
357Parakh Paper CompanyTraders & Suppliers745
358Paramount Minerals and Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing625
359Parasmani Engineers (India)Traders & Suppliers745
360Parason Machinery (I) Pvt. LimitedAncillary529
361PAS Construction & Engineering Company Pvt. LimitedAncillary527
362Paul Wegner & Co. GmbHAncillary530
363Pawan Engineering CompanyAncillary531
364Peer Paper Machines Pvt. LtdMachinery Manufacturers683
365Pentagon AgenciesTraders & Suppliers746
366Pepco Machinery Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers746
367Pidilite Industries LimitedAncillary532
368Pioneer Bearing CompanyAncillary532
369Pneuflex Inc.Ancillary533
370Polychem IndustriesChemical Manufacturing625
371Polymer Industries India LimitedAncillary534
372Polypick Engineers Pvt. LimitedAncillary533
373Polytech Instruments Pvt. LimitedAncillary533
374PPI Pumps Private LimitedAncillary535
375Pran Nath Kapur & Sons Pvt. LimitedAncillary536
376Pranav EngineeringAncillary536
377Praneet Enviroquips Pvt. LimitedService Provider707
378Pratik Pulp Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers747
379Precious ChemicalChemical Manufacturing626
380Premier Pumps Pvt. LimitedAncillary535
381Premium Transmission LimitedService Provider707
382Pressels Private LimitedAncillary536
383Prime Fibresynergies Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers748
384Princesun Engineering WorksAncillary537
385Print-Pack-Tech InternationalTraders & Suppliers748
386Prolific Pure Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing626
387Punchtech Engineers & FabricatorsMachinery Manufacturers683
388R.M. PanchalAncillary538
389Radhe Shyam EnterprisesTraders & Suppliers749
390Radhika EngineeringService Provider708
391Raghunath Dye Chem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing626
392Rajiv Machines (P) LimitedAncillary537
393Ramesh IndustriesAncillary538
394Ratnas OverseasTraders & Suppliers749
395Rave Filtech Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers750
396Regent Hitech Pvt. LimitedAncillary539
397Rhetoric Technologies (P) LimitedAncillary539
398Richards Chemicals & Electricals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing627
399Rishabh Metal & Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing627
400Roquette India Private LimitedChemical Manufacturing628
401RP Paper Impex Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers750
402Rukmani Engineering WorksAncillary540
403S.L. EngineersMachinery Manufacturers686
404S.P.M. EngineersAncillary545
405S.S. Global Trade LinksTraders & Suppliers754
406S.S. International ServicesAncillary547
407Saharanpur Testing Instrument Pvt. LimitedAncillary540
408Sai Paperchem Inc.Traders & Suppliers751
409Sajan EquipmentsAncillary540
410Saloni Engineering WorksMachinery Manufacturers683
411Sam Turbo Industry Pvt. LimitedAncillary541
412Samarth Paper Machines Pvt. LimitedAncillary541
413Samridhi Chem BondChemical Manufacturing629
414Sangeeta TradersTraders & Suppliers751
415Sarvottam Dye-Chem IndustriesChemical Manufacturing629
416Satyam Papers (P) Ltd.Traders & Suppliers752
417Saurashtra Specialities Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing630
418SBP & CompanyTraders & Suppliers752
419SBS Paper Recycling Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers752
420Scan EngineeringAncillary542
421Scan Machineries Private LimitedMachinery Manufacturers684
422Seamak Hi-Tech ProductsService Provider708
423Seascope Pulp & Papers Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers753
424Servalaxmi ServicesAncillary542
425Servall Engineering Works Pvt. LimitedMachinery Manufacturers685
426Shah Devji Shivji & Co.Traders & Suppliers753
427Shalimar Wires Industries LimitedMachine Clothing651
428Shanthi Boilers & Pressure Vessels Pvt.LimitedAncillary542
429Shanthi Gears LimitedAncillary543
430Sharad Project (India) LimitedService Provider709
431Sharda Dye ChemChemical Manufacturing630
432Sharma Fabricators and Erectors Private LimitedService Provider709
433Sharp Paper MachinesMachinery Manufacturers685
434Shield Alloy ProductsAncillary543
435Shivam Water Treaters Pvt. LimitedService Provider710
436Shivananda Marketing Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers754
437Shree ChloratesChemical Manufacturing632
438Shree Narayan Paper & Boards Pvt. LimitedService Provider710
439Shree Vishvakarma Engineering WorksAncillary544
440Shri Dinesh Mills LimitedMachine Clothing652
441Shri Ram Engineering WorksAncillary544
442Shri Ram Wire Netting IndustriesMachine Clothing653
443Shubham Starch Chem Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing631
444Shubham Starch Chem Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing632
445SKF India LimitedAncillary544
446SMPP Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers754
447Solenis Chemicals India Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing631
448Soni Rollers Pvt. LimitedAncillary545
449Speedtech InternationalMachine Clothing653
450SPL LimitedChemical Manufacturing632
451SPM Engmech (India) Pvt. LimitedAncillary546
452Spradecom Electro ControlsAutomation582
453SPX Flow Technology (India) Pvt. LimitedAncillary546
454Sri Bannariamman EngineeringAncillary547
455Sri Sakthi ChemicalsChemical Manufacturing633
456Sripad Steels Pvt. LimitedAncillary547
457SSP Pvt LimitedMachinery Manufacturers686
458Stallion Engineering Systems Pvt. LimitedAncillary549
459Star Engineering IndustriesAncillary548
460Stark Engineering Pvt. LimitedAncillary548
461Sulzer Pumps Finland OyAncillary549
462Supreme Rolls IndiaAncillary550
463Surya Paper MachinesMachinery Manufacturers687
464Suryoday Textile FactoryAncillary551
465Su-Tech Engineers Pvt. LimitedAncillary551
466Suyog Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing634
467Suzalkem Technologies Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing633
468Swastik Lloyds Engineering Pvt. LimitedAncillary551
469Swastika IndustriesAncillary552
470Swetha Engineering LimitedAncillary552
471Sydler PacksAncillary553
472Synkro Max Biotech Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary553
473Synkromax Biotech Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing635
474Synmac Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing634
475Tachometric ControlsService Provider711
476Tamilnadu Chemicals IndustriesChemical Manufacturing636
477Taseer Engineering CompanyAncillary554
478Tata Chemicals LimitedChemical Manufacturing636
479Technic AutomationAutomation582
480Techno Bearing CompanyService Provider711
481Technomech Paper Machines (P) LimitedMachinery Manufacturers687
482Telmark Marketing Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing637
483Testo India Pvt. LimitedAncillary554
484Tex Biosciences (P) LimitedChemical Manufacturing637
485The Davite CompanyAncillary555
486The Eimco-KCP LimitedAncillary555
487The GaursAncillary556
488The Globe Radio CompanyMachinery Manufacturers688
489Thermal Engitech Pvt. LimitedService Provider712
490Thermal Systems (Hyderabad) Pvt. LimitedAncillary557
491Thermax LimitedMachinery Manufacturers688
492Times Marketing Pvt. LimitedAncillary557
493Titan Aeration Company (P) Ltd.Traders & Suppliers756
494Toshniwal Industries Pvt. LimitedAncillary558
495Trade Links (Regd)Traders & Suppliers755
496Tradecom International Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers755
497Tranter India Pvt. LimitedAncillary558
498Trikone Marketing AssociatesTraders & Suppliers756
499Tri-Tech IndustriesAncillary559
500Triveni Chem TradeChemical Manufacturing638
501Tubeweld (India) LimitedAncillary559
502Turbotech Precision Engineering Pvt. LimitedAutomation583
503Tycon Automation Pvt. LimitedAutomation583
504U.P. Alums Pvt. Ltd. & ANM Technosol Pvt. Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing640
505U.T. Pumps & Systems Pvt. LimitedService Provider712
506Udaipur Mineral Development Syndicate Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing639
507Unicon Pumps Pvt. LimitedService Provider712
508Unifiber Pvt. LimitedTraders & Suppliers757
509Unique ControlsAncillary560
510Unique Machine & SystemsAncillary560
511Unique Machines & SystemsMachinery Manufacturers689
512Unique Multi Tech Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing639
513Unisteel & Engineering Company (P) LimitedTraders & Suppliers758
514United EngineeringAncillary561
515Unitop Chemicals Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing639
516Universal Engineering CorporationAncillary560
517Universal Pulp & PaperTraders & Suppliers757
518V. Automat & Instruments (P) LimitedAutomation584
519Vacunair Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.Ancillary561
520Valli Engineering CompanyAutomation583
521Valmet Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers689
522VDR Engineering CompanyAncillary562
523Vertex Chem Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing640
524Vikas Pumps & Pollution Control Devices Ltd.Ancillary562
525Vimal Chrome-Tech Pvt. LimitedService Provider713
526Vipul Overseas Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing642
527Viroomal Niranjan DassTraders & Suppliers758
528VK Business Private LimitedTraders & Suppliers759
529Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd.Machine Clothing654
530Voith Paper Technology (India) Pvt LimitedMachinery Manufacturers690
531Vora Engineering Co. Pvt. LtdTraders & Suppliers759
532VSM Venture Control Systems (P) LimitedAutomation584
533V-Tech EngineeringService Provider713
534Walia Engineering Associates Pvt. LimitedAncillary563
535Walmsleys Ltd.Machinery Manufacturers691
536Wasser Chemicals & Systems Pvt. LimitedChemical Manufacturing642
537Wel-Tech Equipments Pvt. LimitedAncillary563
538WesTech Process Equipment’s India Private LimitedService Provider713
539Wires & Fabriks (S.A.) LimitedMachine Clothing654
540WMW Metal Fabrics LimitedMachine Clothing655
541Xylem Water Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.Traders & Suppliers759
542Yesvee IndustriesMachinery Manufacturers692
543Zenith Worldwide (International Div)Ancillary564
544ZKL Bearings (India) Pvt.LimitedAncillary564