Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association, popularly known as IPPTA was formed in the year 1964 by its few enthusiastic professional lead by Mr. V. K. Poddar. It is an association of professional engaged in pulp, paper, board, newsprint and allied industries in India and abroad.

The objective of IPPTA are (A) to promote the spirit of fraternity amongst the members to improve professional efficiency(B) To create the awareness about the fast changing technology of the world for better productivity &quality,(C) To provide a common platform to its members to exchange their achievements/ ideas& problems faced in their day to day carrier.

For a mere membership of 10 professionals to a healthy membership of 2500 members including 100 overseas members speaks of popularity of IPPTA and its work. IPPTA has joined hands with various paper bodies in India and abroad to bring to its members world’s wisdom at their door step to disseminate the latest technical information through its publication and E-Library. Knowledge is shared through several conferences and seminars & workshops which are held on rotational basis all across the country. In its 50 years of existence IPPTA has organized 50 Annual Seminars, 60 Zonal Seminars and 17 workshops.

In its 50th year IPPTA plans to bring on a common platform world’s best professionals from abroad and India along with industry leaders to share their thoughts and experience on the subject of Opportunities and Challenges facing the Industry in the coming decade”. Few panel discussions along with motivational speeches will add flavour to its golden jubilee celebration in true spirit. Welcome one welcome all.

IPPTA Profile

IPPTA, Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association, born in 1964, is a family of professionals from the Pulp and Paper, Newsprint and Allied Industries. Its Head Office is located at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh State in the premises of Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, a leading Research Center of the country dedicated to the pulp and paper industry. The first Seminar of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association was held in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 11th and 12th April 1964.


IPPTA has dedicated itself to the dissemination of information, exchange of ideas, helping professionals in their growth and creating awareness about the trends in the paper industry. It is a non-profit organization.

The objectives of IPPTA are:

  • To promote the spirit of fraternity among its members in order to improve professional efficacy.
  • To create awareness about the rapid changes in technologies all over the world for improving productivity and quality.
  • To provide a common platform to its members to share their achievements, ideas, experiences and knowledge.

IPPTA Activities

IPPTA is organizing one annual Convention every year in four metropolitan cities i.e. Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata by rotation and one Zonal Seminar in any other part of India. IPPTA is also organizing one Workshop Programme every year, where in-depth subjects are discussed related to Indian Paper Industry requirements. The Annual Convention and Zonal Seminar are generally attended by over 400 technocrats, scientists, engineers & administrators from Pulp, Paper, Allied Industries, IPPTA Members from abroad and Government Organizations on latest different topics. Catering to the needs of Indian Paper Industry, IPPTA is also publishing quarterly Journals, which contents technical articles related to Pulp & Paper Technology are published, received from different eminent authors from Paper & Allied Industry, different research Institutions from India & Abroad.

IPPTA is also publishing Directory of Indian Pulp, Paper & Allied Industries in India and its Members Directory time to time.