Mr. Ved Krishna
Vice President - IPPTA
Head of Strategy, Yash Papers Ltd.


We at IPPTA are working to make a paradigm shift in the industry. We are fortunate to work in a bio based industry that serves the circular economy. We need to capitalise on the same. We need to work towards making our raw material base wider. We need to look at various bio-based sources and collaborate with other industries. We need to innovate and think beyond our comfort zones. We need to recognise that there are a lot of possibilities in related fields and we need to combine our knowledge and experience with those in other fields to emerge with unique solutions.

We need to truly understand the market we are trying to serve. We serve either communications, packaging or hygiene. We need to understand the emerging trends to be able to equip ourselves better. We need to understand how the usage and economy is going to shift to be able to adapt.

We need to collaborate. We need to search for solutions with innovators, suppliers, academics, inventors and public at large. We shall work to make IPPTA become a forum that supports you for the above.